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120L organics collections NOW available in Brisbane through SUEZ SE Qld

120L Organics weekly or fortnightly very affordable collections now available through SUEZ SE Qld at under $10 per collection

Brisbane Council don't have a residential green FOGO bin service yet, so for now you can sign up to an organics collection service provided by SUEZ, if you would like your food waste, garden waste and eenee compostable nappies collected and commercially composted.  If you live in or have access to an address in the area inside the marked area on the map, then this service is available to you NOW.  Contact us at for more information.

SUEZ SE Qld has the capacity to process organic material, including Eenee compostable nappies, Horse manure, Avian manure, Food organics, Green waste . This material is converted into high quality composts and soil conditioners.

 The composted organic products are tailored to meet market demands, and the process is designed to consistently deliver this outcome. Incoming feedstocks are carefully blended in proportions that ensure the resulting compost meets end use requirements, with parameters including correct moisture content and ratios of nitrogen and phosphorous.

 The organic matter are stacked in open windrows, kept moist and turned regularly over weeks. The turning lets oxygen in, which helps bugs to break down the material, and generates heat.

 The SUEZ range of compost and mulch products are produced to Australian Standards. These products are sold to wholesalers, landscapers, councils and mine sites for land rehabilitation, rejuvenation and beautification.

Current clients include Race Tracks, Horse trainers, Clients with Septic Tanks, Restaurants, Caterers, Flower Markets, Fruit Barns users of Eenee Compostables, Users of ‘BioPAk’ ™ Products and more.

With the expansion of the service to include Eenee Compostables you can drive the change to a forward looking solution that avoids landfill and reduces the emission of harmful greenhouse gasses.

 eenee compostable nappies & SUEZ SE Qld