eenee compostables Bega Council successful FOGO trial 2022

eenee nappies in the Pacific Islands - 2013

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Kingborough City Council

You can now add your used eenee compostable nappies to Kingborough City Council FOGO bins

Glenorchy City Council

You can now add your used eenee compostable nappies to the Glenorchy City Council FOGO bins.

Shire of Augusta Margaret River

You can now add eenee compostables to your FOGO bin in the Shire of Augusta

Brisbane Area

120L organics collections NOW available in Brisbane through SUEZ SE Qld

New Zealand

If you are visiting NZ

My Child Excellence Award 2019

Eenee Compostables received the my Child excellence award for the Favourite Disposable Nappy Product 2019

Non-Toxic Awards 2019 and 2020

Eenee Compostable Nappies received a medal in the Australian Non-toxic Awards for two years running...


YES! You can now place your eenee compostables in the new Hobart City Council residential FOGO bins.

The Hobart City Council's Green Bin (from 11 November 2019) allows Food Waste, Certified Compostable Containers and Bags to be added to their residential Green Garden Organics bins, (now called FOGO bins). 

With the many years we have been working with the HCC, we are please to confirm that our eenee compostable nappies are allowed to be included in your Hobart FOGO bins.  Note our eenee nappies are the ONLY nappy in the world that are suitable for commercial composting, so please ensure NO other brands, even those called 'eco or biodegradable' nappies are place in the bins (and NO you can't just cut off tabs as all other nappies have other plastic contaminating parts).  This is very important because if Council starts received incorrectly placed nappies in the bins it results in plastic contamination of the compost and risks having our eenee nappies banned.  Please help us keep this initiative moving forwards.

Onkaparinga, Adelaide

We are now waiting for confirmation again to allow you to place your eenee compostable uPads in the Council Green FOGO (food organics and garden organics) bin.


Eenee Compostable Nappy home delivery and collections for 'recycling' into soil conditioners will be available for the Melbourne area as soon as the commercial composter has finished commissioning their new facility and run the required trials to have our nappies accepted as feedstock. 

NDIS registered

You can now buy your incontinence products from us using the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

Coffs Harbour, Nambucca and Bellingen Shire Councils

Place used eenee compostables in the red lid bin and Coffs Coast Waste Services will collect and process them through their waste processing facility which separates out the organics from the waste.