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"I don’t know why this design can’t just be the norm! It’s amazing and 100% compostable! Super soft and absorbent. I just want to spread the word to everyone that environmental, disposable nappies are possible! Eenee nappies are so amazing!!" ... Helena

Click on the image to head over to our bulk compostable nappy site for Free & Discounted freight on 2 or 4 cartons of uPads delivered to your door (note this is a separate website for bulk uPads only).

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Eenee NEW Hybrid Nappy                 "I think I’ve found my new favourite nappy! This has to be the easiest cloth nappy I’ve ever used and it is very absorbent. The Velcro is a great way to speed up changes and the nappy fits perfectly." ... Claire Karlson (Clean & Conscious Awards 2023)
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"Finally a nappy product that cares for the environment instead of destroying it, whilst still providing comfort and leak protection.. Thank you Eenee for making the best nappies around town. " ... Brittany.

eenee adult & child

"Just writing to thank you for your wonderful product. They are far more comfortable than any other pull-up we have tried so my son doesn't keep trying to take them off. They also work perfectly. I won't be using anything else now. Many thanks, " ...Nicole

We're knocking over the status quo when it comes to disposables!

We're knocking over the status quo when it comes to disposables!