Weenees Eco Flushable Disposable Insert Booster Pads (no waterproofing)

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Flushable compostable disposable pads for use in Weenees Baby Pouch Pants, Eenee Undies or where ever a booster pad is needed.

Weenees Eco Disposable Pads are superabsorbent, flushable and compostable. Available in two sizes Small (200ml) and Medium (400ml), pads can be combined for extra absorbency if required. Suitable for use in Eenee Designs waterproof garments or they can be combined with other reusable nappies as booster pads.

Use one small pads in Small size pants and one medium pad in Medium or Large size pants.. Combine two small (400ml) or one small plus one medium pad (600ml) or use two medium for (800ml) capacity where needed.

Australian Designed and Made using non chlorine bleached farmed tree pulp, super absorber polymer and a unique stay dry (regenerated natural cellulose) coverstock. No plastic layer, no perfumes, no latex. Fully compostable in one compost cycle and hygienically flushable.

We now offer economical ROAD FREIGHT for 10kg or more to Metro areas in QLD (major cities), NSW (major Cities), ACT (Canberra) and VIC (major Cities), SA (major cities) and Perth. A street address will be required for these.

Weight 80 Small Pads 2.2kg

Weight 40 Medium Pads 1.9kg

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