Weenees Baby Removable Inner Waterproof Pouch

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Extra snap in inner waterproof pouches for use in Weenees Baby Pouch Pants.

Available in two sizes:-

Small for supporting 1 or 2 Small Weenees Disposable Pads or half sized or small cloth nappies or one Eenee Microfiber cloth nappy. Just snap fasten in and out of the Newborn size Pouch Pants or they can be used inside the Medium size Pouch Pants on smaller babies.

Medium/Large Pouch for supporting 1 or 2 Medium Disposable Weenees Pads, one or two Eenee Microfiber cloth nappies or standard cotton cloth nappies. Just snap fasten in and out of the Medium or Large size Pouch Pants.

Australian Designed Made in China