First Steps - Intro Guide to Eenee

Welcome! We have a few different options and systems so to help you find the best product for you our team has put this brief guide together for you.

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Starter trial pack uPads & Belt

Starter trial pack uPads & Printed Baby Nappy Belt


Newborn Starter Pack (1 ctn Small uPads + 2 Small and 1 Medium Belt

Our Newborn Starter Pack includes 1 carton of small uPads & 3 Baby Nappy Belts (2 x small, 1 x medium).


Intro - Eco two part system

baby eenee nappy systemsOur revolutionary nappy system uses our specially developed biodegradable & compostable pad which contains no conventional oil based plastics. Through our patented two part system we have been able to minimise the components of each nappy for a more sustainable option without compromising on convenience or performance (for example our bio-based barrier is more breathable than the conventional PE/PP plastic ones used).

Our pads are fastened onto the child with a reusable belt or pant. This means that our pads  & inserts can be composted rather than just thrown in the bin. Ordinary nappies and incontinence products need plastic to hold them together - instead we use comfortable, breathable & reusable belts or pants. Which means we have made the first nappy to be endorsed by Compost Australia.

So what are our pads?  



Pads & Inserts



     uPads: Newborn to Children

                   Small (300ml capacity), Medium (500ml), Large (700ml)

                      Just like a ordinary nappy but with no conventional plastics

                      Used with a Nappy Belt, Pouch Pant or Pull-uP pant.

                      Biodegradable & compostable - Hot composting required




                 Weenees Pad: Newborn to Children

                                    Small (200ml), Medium (400ml)

                                         Our simplest insert pad - Flushable or home compostable 

                                         Used in pouch pants, Eenee undies or as a booster pad

                                         Biodegradable & compostable - Cold or Hot composting




Some helpful notes to our Eenee Products by Ben our resident Dad of 2, Hamish & Olivia:



Hamish in his new Nappy BeltuPads & Nappy BeltNewborn Hamsih

 We recommend using Small uPads with a small or medium Nappy Belt.Weenees Pouch Pants

  -  Our belts are easily adjustable and can grow allow with your newborn.

  -  Our breathable uPads means less nappy rash than ordinary plastic nappies. 


A great alternative are our Weenees pouch pants used with either our Weenees inserts, microfibre or conventional cloth inserts. A great feature of the Weenees inserts are that they are flushable or home compostable!






Fleur in her Nappy belt & uPadsPouch Pants - Baby AniOur uPads and Nappy belts will continue to look after your child as they continue to grow and become more active.

Medium uPads have good absorbency and should contain all but the impossible. 

Our medium, large , X-large Nappy Belts will continue to gently hug your baby and allow them to move and their skin breath. As our Nappy belts are fully adjustable if you are not too sure on which size to get it is better to go larger than smaller.


Weenees Pouch pants are another great option where you can use either uPads, Weenees pads or traditional cloth inserts. These are lovely and soft plus super cute. These can provide a little extra protection through their internal breathable & waterproof pouch. 

 Olivia with her swimmers

Overnight: If you find you need extra protection place a small Weenees pad inside what you normally do as a booster pad. Overnight pants can also provide some extra protection whilst still being breathable and soft.


Little Eenee Swimmers -  Small (6 - 12kg). 

These are a great and flexible option for enjoying the pool with your young one. Or clever design means that you buy them once and they will last a long time through the flexible size range.







Hamish in his Nappy beltWeenees Pouch PantsOur super absorbent Large uPads  along with our Nappy beltsPull-uPs (just released) & pouch pants are great for these little walkers.


 Or, Weenees insert pads in our Pouch Pants will comfort these adventurous ones as they further explore their world. With the Weenees pads home compostable they will also help nurture their world.


Little Eenee Swimmers - Medium (12 - 18kg). 

These are a great and flexible option for enjoying the pool with your young one. Or clever design means that you buy them once and they will last a long time through their flexible size range.  

Little Eenee SwimmersHamish in his Pull-uPs











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