Pull-up Gripper Pants & Disposable Ultimates

Soft, Discrete, Dependable


These Pull-up Gripper Pants have been made with beautifully soft, stretchy, breathable waterproof material.

What our customers say: "Just writing to thank you for your wonderful product. They are far more comfortable than any other pull-up we have tried so my son doesn't keep trying to take them off.  They also work perfectly.  I won't be using anything else now. Many thanks, Nicole"

Eenee Adult Pull-up Gripper Pants

Ultimates Ctn 30 (Adults Compostable Disposable Insert Pads with waterproofing and leak guards)

Adult Sample Trial Pack Offer: 1 packet 10 Ultimates + 1 Pull-up Gripper Pant



InnovativeNo CompromisesCaringTruly Sustainable

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