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Innovative solutions for the next generation which care for them now and also their future environment.

Eenee Baby - First Steps

 Each one of these solutions has been carefully designed by our family team here at Eenee Designs in Hobart, Tasmania.  Innovating and finding the best sustainable materials to produce world first systems which provide the comfort and performance that all mums and dads demand plus many environmental benefits.


New to our system? Here is how it works

baby eenee nappy systems

Why have we split the conventional nappy into two parts?

It makes Eco sense. All ordinary nappies need plastic to hold them together - instead we use comfortable, breathable & reusable belts or pants. Which means we can make the first nappy to be endorsed by Compost Australia.

We are working towards a circular life cycle - not linear and straight to the tip.    


Innovative    No Compromises    Caring    Truly Sustainable


Eenee Nappy Solutions