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Why Commercially Compost Disposables?

Commercial composting provides optimum conditions for naturally occurring micro-organisms to convert organic waste materials into rich organic soil additives.  This recovers valuable nutrients which aid plant growth when applied to soils. 

Compost enhances soil structure, contains good moisture conservation properties, reduces the development of soil borne diseases in plants, reduces our dependence on pesticide and synthetic fertilizer usage and also reduces a community’s demand for landfill capacity.

Organic waste in landfills results in the emission of green house gases into the atmosphere.  By composting organic waste, which would have otherwise gone to landfill, it is converted into a sale-able product and at the same time reduces the amount of green house gases emitted.

Commercial Composting runs at very high temperatures for a specified number of days which kills off any potential pathogens and bacteria that may be found in soiled disposables making this method of disposable far more hygienic that dumping in landfill.  Eenee Compostables will compost in as little as 1 week in an in-vessel commercial compost system. 

Eenee compostables are the only disposable suitable for commercial composting (endorsed by Compost Australia),  all other disposables (including so called eco-nappies) contain plastic contaminants which are not compostable.  Please do not try to send other plastic disposables for composting as they will contaminate the end product.

Can I Home Compost Eenee Compostables? Wet only nappies can be home composted, however it is not recommended to home compost soiled nappies for hygienic reasons.  If you have an enclosed hot compost set up at home e.g. a tumbler, then this will be suitable for composting the Eenee Compostables. If you wish to rapid compost then we recommend the Weenees compostable/flushable pads and Weenees Pouch Pant system. Commercial composting is done at high temperatures which will rapidly compost the eenee compostables at the same time it also kills off any pathogens and bacteria that may be found in soiled disposables.