Eenee Undies & Flushable Pads

Soft, Discrete, Dependable

Super stretchy waterproof underwear for children through to adults which look and feel like normal underwear.  Combined with our environmentally friendly disposable eco pads for Every Day use make a great product.

Eenee Undies

Weenees Eco Flushable Disposable Insert Booster Pads (no waterproofing)

uPads - Cartons (All ages compostable disposable insert pad with leak guards & waterproofing)

Soft Waterproof Pants for Children and Adults

Microfiber Superabsorbent Cloth Nappies

Eenee Flushable Biodegradable Nappy Liners pkt 50

Eenee Flushable Nappy Liners Bulk roll 500

uPads - Packet (compostable disposable with waterproofing and leak guards)

 How Eenee Undies work

eenee undies 

The inner lining is waterproof but breathable (made from knitted nylon with polyurethane coating) and provides secure support and containment for the Weenees Flushable Disposable Pads or reusable cloth nappies (use the Eenee Microfiber cloth nappies for a reusable extra absorbent slim fit). Just take out the wet pad and replace with a fresh one, no need to change the garment each time.


InnovativeNo CompromisesCaringTruly Sustainable