Awards & Testimonials for Eenee Eco Nappies

Eenee Nappy Awards

International and Environmental Awards

  • Weenees have been recognised nationally and internationally for their innovative design.
  • They were awarded a medal at the 21st International Exhibitions for Innovations in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • They were a finalist in the Vision for Australia Awards
  • They were a finalist in the Australian Environmental Banksia Awards
  • They received a high commendation in the Dr Edward Hall Environmental Awards

In the USA our licensee gDiapers, has been accredited 'Cradle to Cradle SM '  certification as a Zero Waste nappy in the USA.    'Cradle to Cradle SM ' is a trademarked service provided by MBDC, you can see their brilliant work done at  


The following are just a few of our customers comments:

Just writing to thank you for your wonderful product (Ultimates and Pull-up gripper pants). They are far more comfortable than any other pull-up we have tried so my son doesnt keep trying to take them off. They also work perfectly. I wont be using anything else now. Many thanks, Nicole


My uPads are outperforming Huggies for wees (I have about 1 leak in 20 Huggies, but none for uPads) and they are performing at an equivalent level to Huggies for poos. The width of the nappy is good too. We were dubious at first about the product, and it took about three nappies to get the hang of the belt, but we are now convinced. I taught my husband to place the belt just over a band’s width below the top edge, and line up the sides of the nappy with the sides of the two velcro strips at the back, fan out the sides of the nappy, and hike up the nappy on the baby.  Thanks  Amanda


After having a bit of an experiment I've decided that I just like to use the uPads with the belt. I was a bit sceptical of using the belt at first as the uPads don't wrap around the sides of bubs body like the old eenee compostables, but I have been happily surprised to find that this doesn't make a difference and that the uPads have been working great. Smilez :) Katie


We absolutely love them, they work great for us. We practice elimination communication, when at home, and have two lovely woollen covers that work a treat. Although I use covers at times the belt is perfectly wonderful and my super active 8 month old spends just as much time with that on as with woollen covers, AND I love the breathability of them, we have had no rashes or irritation whatsoever.
We have had no leaks and he can sleep through the night with them.

Delivery was prompt and you guys dealt fabulously with my mummy brain ordering fiasco.  Thank you, we will be ordering more soon and have been recommending them to anyone who listens (as well as a few people who don’t!)

Last but not least, I have mummy guilt about so many things, thank you for alleviating my guilt around planet destruction with needing to fall back on disposables.

Please take over the world ;-)     Devon (and Syd)

The uPads are amazing. So are the uPants. I tried cloth nappies but I live in far north qld and it became too hot for them during summer. I HATED resorting to store bought nappies and finding the uPants just about saved my life. They look a lot more comfortable than disposables (my 7 m o takes off the disposable tabs but has never tried to take off his uPants) and he doesn't get nappy rash in them. I also have no problems using one uPad for the entire night.
Kind regards, Sarah


Hi! I have just started using eenees after trying just about every reusable nappy under the sun and I love them, I love them!! Thanks for designing such a brilliant nappy system. I have three children all in nappies and all quite heavy wetters so I am thrilled to find nappies that work so well night and day.
Thanks again! Sarah

I've been using your pouch pants ever since they first came out, and I absolutely love them. Until recently I had just been using normal cloth nappies as inserts for the pouch pants. That is until I purchased some of your microfibre super absorbant cloth nappies. They are so much more compact, and far more absorbant than the old cloth. I just love the comments I get when people see my daughter in them. They can't believe that what she is wearing is really a cloth nappy, and so easy to use! Thanks again for yet another fantastic product!
Krystal (AUS)

'Your Weenees Pads compost so well I don't know what my compost will do without them when my youngest toilet trains!!'
Nikki (AUS)