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Providing the best of cloth and disposables:-  We craft the most environmentally friendly eco biodegradable nappies for babies, and biodegradable incontinence products for children and adults.  Our eco nappies and eco disposable pads are completely biodegradable and compostable in one compost cycle, and our Weenees pads are fully flushable for a hygienic disposal.  

We have been working hard to take eco nappies to a whole new level and bringing you the latest evolution (see what customers have to say):- 


Eenee Compostable nappies are  endorsed by Compost Australia. 

We are proud to supply youcompost australia endorsement these to help look after our children's health, future and the environment. 

uPadsThe uPads can be used by all ages as an insert in any close fitting pant which will support it snug next to the body, or use them with the Stretch Baby Nappy Belt  for a simple efficient nappy system.



To support the uPads for babies and toddlers we have also uPantsdeveloped the uPants which are the stretchiest, snuggest fitting and cutest pant ever.  They have the versatility of being Velcro type fastened around bub, or pre-fasten to pull-up and down.  Available in fun prints or economical plain colours.  The uPants can also be used to support the detachable waterproof pouch with our flushable pads, or reusable microfiber cloth inserts for a full cloth option.


And for children and adults:  Eenee SwimmersReusable stretchyEenee Undies waterproof Eenee Undies and Eenee swimmers which look and feel like regular garments.




Eenee Designs creates innovative products for your children, you and the environment. We are committed to developing ecologically sustainable solutions to every day problems and protecting quality of life.

Thank you for taking the time to care.